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We also conduct several seminars and conferences for the welfare of the people of Mumbai focussing especially the youngsters. These seminars and conferences includes several practical workshops and other steps to help them learn effectively. These seminars and conferences are run time to time depending on the need and availability. So far we have conducted few seminars and conferences which has yielded better results.


          One of the serious issue India faces today is serious of child rapes and murders.We realised that Porn is one of the root causes for this heinous crimes. So we had organised the first seminar on Porn.We had 131 participants from various churches.It was a powerful time of committing lives to live in purity.


         We partnered with Biblica and had Reach for Life workshop. The workshop focused on Youth to engage with the Bible. Today’s Youth are not very interested in reading the Word and face tremendous challenges. The workshop helped many young people and Biblica also provided the resources. We hope that this will make an impact in the lives of youth.