community development

Over half – a startling 60% – of Mumbai’s population lives in various slums. That is about 14 million people. In the slums, they face all kinds of problems, daily.  We desire nothing less for their lives than total transformation. We envision an ever-growing array of services including: Day Care Centre(s) for children, Tailoring Centre(s) to empower women and especially widows, food and medical care for the poor, and various other programs as needed to bring new hope to the hopeless and change lives for the better. We look to bring training of all kinds, so as to empower the poor and needy to live better lives. We welcome your partnership.

Jogeshwari Slums

These slums consists of around five thousand immigrants from different states of India seeking shelter under the flyovers, road sides with no roof to their homes. They earn a mere salary of 2$ each day and run their lives. Silambarasan, a full time YWAM staff from Tamil Nadu, India has taken initiative steps for the welfare of these people and has decided to obey God's calling for them

Aadhivasipada Children ministry

These tribal people are inside the remote part of the city. We were able to witness their willingness towards gospel and they even opened up their homes for teaching English and gospel to their kids. Daniel and Praisy from Tamilnadu, India got a vision for these people and is serving the Lord among them. They have a child Angelina. Together as a family they moved to Mumbai and working with YWAM. They are full time YWAMers.

Sahar Slums

We have started a tailoring centre for the widows and other ladies in Sahar slums. Most of the ladies here are non-Christians and this ministry helps us to share the love of God. The video featuring our ministry with them,

pipeline slums

Our another Community Development ministry to the people residing near to huge pipelines laid for water supply to the city. These people come from a different state, TamilNadu, India and working hardly to run their lives. They are under a contract and so they can never go back to their homes until the contract is over. Join with us and support them in giving them a hope to their lives. Watch the below video to know more about them.